Flight Instructor Training

There are many reasons to become a flight instructor. For some, there is a desire to share your passion for aviation with other people. For others, becoming an instructor is the first step towards a career in aviation by providing a way to build time. Regardless of your personal reasons, we can help you reach your goal of transitioning from the “pay for flying” group to the “paid for flying” group as a flight instructor. Just call us at 919-840-4444 to get started!


As a CFI you can provide flight training towards Private and Commercial Certificates, flight reviews, and a variety of endorsements (depending on your personal qualifications).


As an Instrument Instructor you can provide everything a CFI can do plus training towards an Instrument Rating, as well as Instrument Proficiency Checks.


A Multiengine Instructor can provide training towards a Multiengine addon to an existing Private or Commercial certificate or towards an initial Commercial Multi Certificate.