FlightGest Diverse Fleet

FlightGest is pleased to offer the region’s largest fleet of training and rental aircraft to meet the needs of students and renters alike. With aircraft and simulators from manufacturers including Cessna, Diamond, Piper, Cirrus, Beechcraft and Mooney … our diverse fleet can handle your needs!

  • Aircraft are available 24x7x365.
  • All aircraft are maintained to the highest standard by FlightGest Maintenance in our large, heated hangar.
  • 24x7x365 availability offered through online scheduling service
  • Advanced avionics, including Garmin 430, 530, G1000 and G796
  • Pay as you go … no monthly dues or hidden fees

FlightGest Diverse Fleet


Diamond DA40

Whether you are new to aviation looking for an initial trainer, working on your instrument rating, or an experienced IFR pilot traversing the country, our DA40 can meet the need. The durable and aerodynamically efficient composite airframe and G1000 avionics suite make our Diamond a great multi-purpose aircraft.

FlightGest Diamond DA40

Cessna 172S “Skyhawk”

The most popular trainer in the world! FlightGest offers two “glass” Cessna 172S aircraft utilized by students training for their Private Pilot certificate and Instrument Rating. The 172 is also a favorite of recreational flyers for its gentle handling and reputation. Our Skyhawks feature Garmin’s G1000 integrated glass cockpit which presents all flight and weather data on two large LCD displays. Pilots enjoy an abundance of information in the cockpit, making learning to fly easier and safer. Training on the G1000 is accelerated by our Redbird flight simulator which can precisely emulate the behavior of the system.

FlightGest Cessna 172 G1000


Piper PA28R-200 “Arrow”

With its retractable landing gear, constant speed propeller, and flaps; our Piper Arrow serves as the complex trainer used for advanced students, typically CFI and Commercial. Equipped with a Garmin GNS530W and G796 touch screen multi-function display, the Arrow also serves as a capable cross-country airplane. The Arrow’s useful load of over 900 lbs offers tremendous flexibility for carrying more passengers or tackling longer distance flights.

FlightGest Arrow

 Piper PA36 “Archer”

For those interested in the “traditional” analog instruments, FlightGest offers two Archers. Great for primary or instrument training, the aircraft are both equipped with Garmin 430W and are rock-solid low-wing aircraft.

FlightGest Archer

Mooney M20-J

The Mooney is in a class of it’s own. This sleek, fast, single is ready for any cross-country adventure. It is equipped with a Garmin 530W and 496. Couple your autopilot and cruise at 170 knots, the Mooney will make it happen.FlightGest Mooney

Beechcraft BE-58 “Baron”

Complete your multi-engine rating in comfort and style with our Beechcraft Baron.  Twin Continental IO- 520’s at 285 horsepower will get the job done. Accelerated training is made possible by combining dual flights in the aircraft with intense sessions in our Redbird flight simulator.
FlightGest Baron BE58

Redbird Simulator – Single and Multi-Engine

FlightGest is the only training provider to offer FAA-approved flight simulator at Raleigh-Durham airport. Our Redbird simulator allows students to obtain the maximum number of hours allowed by the FAA in simulator and students can choose from Cessna 172S-G1000 panel, Cirrus SR22 Perspctive or Baron BE58 configurations. Whether used to cost-effectively build hours, maintain your IFR proficency or practice specific emergency situations – our simulator has become a very effective tool at RDU.

FlightGest Redbird Cirrus