Kirk Rabe

Licenses/Ratings: ATP MEL, Commercial SEL and UAS, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI

Kirk is our Chief Flight Instructor and began flying in Montana with stints in Minnesota, Daytona Beach and New Jersey. He has over 5000 hrs and over 200o hrs of instruction given across a wide range of aircraft. His FlightGest experience includes charter pilot, corporate shuttles and even aerial survey work. For example, his survey work in Canada, while flying just 200 feet over beautiful terrain, provided breathtaking views and experiences across the entire Canadian frontier – from Newfoundland to Saskatchewan to Calgary! Be sure to ask Kirk about his flying adventures.

Mike Borrero

License/Ratings: Commercial AMEL, ASEL, Instrument, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, Aircraft Mechanic, IA

Mike is a Gold Seal Flight Instructor who began flying at the age of 13 in Augusta, GA where he first soloed.  He then went on to serve 12 years in the U.S. Army and was honorably discharged after completing three tours in Iraq where he received a Bronze Star with Valor for meritorious service in combat.  In 2007 he began to work professionally as a commercial pilot, flight instructor, and aircraft mechanic.  He has over 4000 hrs and over 1200 hours of flight instruction given across a wide range of aircraft. His flight experience includes air ambulance pilot, corporate pilot, ferry pilot and aerial survey pilot.  He as flown and ferried a variety of aircraft all over United States, Canada, Caribbean, and even South America.  He is also an aircraft owner and a true aviation enthusiast.

Dominic Deshaies


A lifelong aviation enthusiast, Dominic officially began his aviation adventure at 16 when he
joined Civil Air Patrol. He earned his private pilot certificate in 2012 while a football student athlete
at NC State. After graduating with a Business Administration degree and a short stint singing bass in the NY opera and the corporate sector, Dominic decided to pursue his passion for aviation as a career. Outside of
instructing, Dominic enjoys clay target shooting, football, and fishing. Go Pack!

Owen Chase

Licenses/Ratings: Commercial SEL, Instrument, CFI, CFII

Owen began his flight training in 2000 and finished his Private, Instrument, Commercial and CFI work at FlightGest. He enjoys teaching and watching student progress in their flying. He’s always excited for the students when they pass the check ride and continue their training.  Owen will always greet you with a big smile and fun times in the air.

Stephanie Wrenn

Stephanie took her first discovery flight at age 10 at the Burlington airport and has looked to skies ever since.  She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2005 with a degree in Communications, and a few years later decided to pursue a career in aviation.  She began training in 2011 and earned her private, instrument, and commercial ratings here at FlightGest.  She enjoys flying to new places with family, friends, and her dog  Mildred.  Stephanie hopes to encourage more women to learn to become pilots.

David Greenfield

Licenses/Ratings: ATP, CFII, MEI

David is originally from Rochester, NY where he worked in a family business and was a volunteer firefighter for 22 years. He moved to Cary in 2003 with his family to start a business of his own. David originally soloed at 18 years old, and he always knew he’d come back to flying someday. He began flight training during the summer of 2007 at the Sanford-Lee Co airport (now called Raleigh Exec Jetport), earning his Private Pilot certificate in Feb 2008, followed by his Instrument rating in 2010. After taking some time off from training and enjoying what flying has to offer, David earned his Commercial certificate on Dec 18, 2011 and his CFI Certificate exactly one year later. David has experience in a wide variety of aircraft and is also a Cirrus owner. He enjoys sharing his passion for flying with others and traveling to new destinations with his wife, Sue.

Philip Paul-Wilson

License/Ratings: Commercial ASEL and AMEL, Instrument, CFI

“Cheerio my good ole chap”!  Philip joins us from London.  He currently works at FedEx helping load cargo jets which he plans to fly someday.  His background includes flying in the frigid tundra of North Dakota (where he attended UND) and Minnesota.  He enjoys skateboarding, dogs, and photography.  Whether it is soft field landings or soft shell tacos, Philip will give you his best input.

Justin Hammond

Licenses/Ratings: Airframe & Powerplant, Private

Justin is an A & P aircraft mechanic who first started with FlightGest as a student pilot in January 2014. He is a veteran of the US Army having served for ten years as an Apache helicopter crew chief. Since having sparked an avid interest in aviation Justin juggles his time between the FlightGest maintenance hangar and the North Carolina National Guard flight support facility at RDU where he performs the duties of aircraft mechanic at both. Justin lives in Raleigh with his wife and three sons and enjoys fishing, flying, camping, and boating.

Brian Boehlecke

Brian is a retired physician who learned to fly in 1973, owned a Mooney for 10 years and has over 4300 hours and more than 2300 as an instructor. He especially loves teaching IFR and has guided 13 students to that rating. His personal flying has included trips from Chapel Hill to Key West, New Mexico, Newfoundland and Alaska. He loves sharing tips from his experience with his students.

Frank Gozzo

Licenses/Ratings: ATP MEL, CFII, MEI, FAA Safety Representative, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner

Frank started flying in NJ where he earned his CFI before heading to Rensselaer, then joined IBM where he combined his passion for aviation and engineering towards the research, design and flight testing of military systems. He launched FlightGest as a hobby in 1999 and it now includes flight training, pilot services, aircraft management and private charter. Frank is an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) in the region and FAA Safety Representative with over 3500 hours. He’s an active CFI and volunteer for many causes and is called on by the FAA, NASA, TSA and DOT for speaking and advisory roles.

Joe Lerro

Licenses/Ratings: Commercial SEL, CFI

Originally from New Jersey, Joe attended the US Naval Academy, where he had his first flying experiences with gliders and military trainers. After serving in the US Marine Corps as an AH-1W Cobra pilot, he came to Flightgest to obtain his Flight Instructor rating. He has flight experience in multiple military and civilian aircraft and has worked in Florida, California, and Hawaii. When he’s not flying, Joe enjoys outdoor activities and sports.