Why Charter?

Over 80% of commercial airline flights restrict you to only 22 major hub airports.
Private charters give you access to over 5,000 airports.

Charter flights provide travelers with clear advantages:

  • Save time and money
  • Fly directly to your destination
  • Avoid air terminal hassles and delays
  • Eliminate undesirable and costly overnight stays
  • Travel on your schedule, not the airline’s
  • Total trip cost is typically less than commercial airline price, particularly for three or more passengers flying together
  • Full-Service Travel Coordination including: on-board catering, ground transportation, and hotel reservations

How often have you had to get your team to a critical meeting or client site only to be stunned by the cost and complexity of coordinated travel plans? Parking hassles? Complex ground travel logistics needed to get the team to the site at the other end?

Starting with your departure (easy and free parking, no lines, no crowds) and through to your destination (much closer to your ultimate destination, minimal rental car aggravation, less chance of getting lost), plus the comfort of having the team assembled in a comfortable and productive work environment (no overhead luggage scrambles or seats reclining onto your laptop). Best of all, your overall travel time is minimized.

The Ultimate Convenience
Say goodbye to satellite parking, long security lines and waiting in a loud terminal. Just walk out to your aircraft when all members of your group have arrived. Low stress … redefined.